Thursday, March 14, 2019

Often, we tend to get cats as “friends” for our existing cat as a result of we tend to feel guilty concerning being gone several hours every day, or as a result of we would like another cat. My best guess is that he’s not sitting reception want he had company. That said, if you think that your cat would profit, it’s your decision. simply certify your call relies on your pet’s desires, not yours. obtaining a brand new cat may be an excellent factor if you have got realistic expectations. Hoping they’ll find yourself smooching, grooming one another, and wiggling with toys along is setting yourself up for disappointment. Instead, look into it like this: merely having 2 (or more) cats World Health Organization will share the area with success could be a sensible outcome!
Starting them off on the proper foot is extremely important—to a lot of in order that I’ve dedicated a whole chapter thereto in my new book. obtain to match your 1st cat’s temperament and energy, and introduce the new cat slowly with a “base camp”—an area you retain the opposite cat out of— complete with food, water, and a litter box. Then, once she’s snug there, strive “site swapping”— stick your 1st cat within the lavatory whereas you let the new cat out. once the coast is obvious, place your 1st cat within the base camp area. This shuffling can facilitate them to adapt to every other’s smells.

Simultaneously, follow the opposite a part of the plan: using food to urge the 2 to form a positive association with one another. It might take 3 days or 3 weeks—cats are all individuals! rather than going food out 24/7, feed them solely at mealtimes, on either aspect of a similar door. Each day, move the bowls nearer to the door, therefore eventually they’ll smell one another and associate that smell with being fed. If they’re each feeding sedately with the bowls right up against the door, open it a crack. ought to they are going from fastidiously observation one another to stalking or maybe fighting, place them back on opposite sides of the door and physical exercise to visual access once more step by step. You’re building to a time period of positive associations.
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