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Plenty of things can grab a dog’s attention: squirrels, court game balls, funny smells,
other dogs. however a TV channel?

Absolutely, say the manufacturers of DogTV, the primary cable network to deliver 24-hour programming for dogs. The idea, they say, is that flipping on the channel whereas you leave for the day can keep your pet stirred up, amused and relaxed. decision it “Sesame Street” for those that can never learn their ABCs.

The shows on DogTV are literally three- to six-minute segments that include sedgelike fields, bouncing balls and humans rubbing dog tummies. There are segments that include quiet vacuum cleaners and muted doorbells to assist create dogs easier around such common unit agitations.

Executives at the network say their programming is scientifically designed to charm to dogs. “We have 3 years of analysis on however dogs react to totally different stimuli,” same bonny Vieira, a spokesperson for DogTV.

For instance, she explained, “For dogs that suffer from separation anxiety, DogTV could be a tool that may facilitate ease them, thus perhaps they’re not stepping into bother, and they’re happier, additionally relaxed, once you get home.”
But will dogs truly watch, and have the benefit of, television? Like most queries relating to canine consciousness, the solution depends on whom you raise.

“I think a lot of this is to make us feel better as opposed to making the pet happier,” said Dr. Ann E. Hohenhaus, a workers vet for the Animal Center in Manhattan. “Your pet needs adequate exercise and an interesting environment. You cannot just put on the TV and hope your dog is going to get better.”

Still, if the dog is being attentive to the screen, odds square measure it likes what it sees. “If the dog wasn’t enjoying it, he would realize one thing else to try to, like nibble on the tip of a settee,” Dr. Hohenhaus same. in this approach, dog-oriented shows “could be a component” in an exceedingly program designed to alleviate separation anxiety.

In a take a look at of DogTV at the Escondido Humane Society in Calif., the pets housed in an exceedingly “behavior analysis ward” — primarily a holding pen for brand spanking new residents — found that exposure to the channel a minimum of quickly helped cut back barking and antsy behavior.

Whether your dog truly pays attention to the TV could have added to try to to with the screen than what’s thereon, same Stanley Coren, a professor of scientific discipline at the University of British Columbia. He ought to grasp of what he speaks: in 2007, he created a series of DVDs for canines known as “The Dog Companion.”

“Dogs have terrific motion sensitivity,” Dr. Coren said, that means that the optical phenomenon that produces still pictures on a TV seem fluid won’t fool them as simply because it will humans. “For several dogs, that’s a turn-off. It doesn’t look real to them.”

To increase the possibilities that your dog can pay attention, place the high-definition TV at the pet’s eye level, Dr. Coren suggested. “Some individuals wrote to Pine Tree State and same, ‘This videodisk didn’t work, my dog paid no attention to that,'” he said. “Well, plenty of individuals simply obstructed the image into their wall-mounted tv, and therefore the truth of the matter is, your dog isn't planning to search there.”

But, like individuals, some dogs simply aren’t that into TV, same Teoti Anderson, a former president of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers. “Two of my dogs do concentrate to the TV relying what’s on,” she said. “One of them couldn’t care less.”

If your dog will show interest, it in all probability will learn from what it sees on a tv, Ms. Anderson same. Exposing a pet to muted versions of everyday irritants like vacuum cleaners and doorbells, for instance, could be a reliable technique for reducing the animal’s concern of them. however a very important side of the technique is amping up the degree because the dog grows snug — thus, counting on however quickly a dog learns, the owner might want to hover close to show up the DogTV volume.

But — after all — dog homeowners shouldn’t mistake TV time for quality time, animal behaviorists cautioned. “It positively isn’t a substitute for play time together with your dog,” Ms. Anderson same. “Exercise will solve plenty of activity issues.”
Should Your Dog Be Watching TV?
DogTV has been offered through cable suppliers in San Diego since Gregorian calendar month and might even be accessed on-line. Its purveyors aim to place it on cable systems nationwide by the tip of the year.
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